How to learn Italian fast

How to learn Italian fast?

How_to_learn_Italian_fastI often get requests from students saying they need to become fluent at Italian in – let’s say – 4 months or so. Since there is no secret recipe to learn a language, I have decided to write this post sharing some tips as to how to learn Italian fast.

Focus on your goals.

What is your goal?

  • I want to reach a sufficient level of Italian allowing me to communicate with native speakers at a lower-intermediate level: then pick an intensive Italian crash-course on line and spare 3 up to 5 hours a week to study Italian, with a tutor and on your own. Sounds interesting, yes?
  • My goal is to master the most common Italian phrases that will allow me to survive in Italy when I travel there. I am not really interested in complete accuracy or fluency –> Then pick a specific Italian for tourists course and focus on this. After you return from your trip, you may want to devote more time to Italian in order to reach a higher level and expand your vocabulary. In the meantime, why not downloading our FREE Italianencounter in viaggio phrasebook?
  • My goal is to being able to write e-mails and answer telephone calls in Italian because my job requires so and because I interact with Italian customers on a daily basis. –> Then what you need is perhaps a Business Italian course which you can do after work based on your availability

Stay motivated.

Everyone’s busy, there is no exception to this. But don’t use this as an excuse. Whenever you are surrendering to other duties and tasks, remind yourself that you are committing to your own specific goal and that all your efforts to achieve it will be concentrated in a specific amount of time – not forever.

Make it your daily routine.

30 minutes a day is better than a 3-hour lesson once a week. Just like going to the gym.

Pick a tutor that will believe in you.

If you decide to learn Italian with a tutor, make sure he/she believes in you. This will make your learning process much more simple. What’s more, make sure that people surrounding you are motivating you!


I know, these are just a couple of tips as to how to learn Italian fast, but hopefully they will give you the right inspiration to start your Italian language adventure :)

As a reminder, don’t forget to get in touch with me to discuss your learning goals and create your custom-made Italian language course together. Book your free Italian lesson on Skype here

How to learn Italian fast